July 23, 2007

Seriously disorganised criminal

Getting from Devon down to London is a bit of a trek at the best of times, so on the odd occasions that I do it I like to try and get quite a bit in and this year I finally managed to actually get to Parliament and Brian Haw's protest outside it. Peaceful enough (though the traffic certainly wasn't) and with rather a lot of tents for on man but certainly in the great British tradition of harmless eccentrics. So while I was there I realised that I was in fact a criminal, yes I had just broken the law and hadn't actually realised I had done it. You see I was wearing my NO2ID badge and that would classified as a political protest, and one conducted right on Parliament Square itself. Oops.

With Labour's legislative diarrhea of the last ten years it is becoming like that, there are so many stupid laws that accidentally breaking them becomes almost inevitable. The only sensible option is to ignore them, because the constant checking to see if what you where doing was allowed would make life intolerable. This phenomena can be seen everywhere, that the more law there is the less respect for it there is; Common Law countries with the fairly lax general attitude of 'everything that is not banned is permitted' tend to have more respect for the few laws they have than Roman Law countries where 'everything that is not permitted is permitted is banned', and everybody has more respect for the rule of law than in totalitarian countries where everything is subject to the requirements of the state and so the only way to get anything done is to do it illegally.


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